Who wouldn’t love to earn rewards while traveling or even save money? Everyone does right! To cater to this requirement the credit card issuers offer travel credit cards that let you earn miles, travel points, rewards on travel expenses, international purchases, and many more.

But more than half of the population is not aware of how they can use their credit card while traveling to their advantage. Today, in this article we have covered some of the important tips that you can use while traveling. Without any further ado, kick start your research.

  • Inform about your travel to the credit card issuer: Before you travel, it is better to inform your credit card issuer about the same. So that when you make a transaction far away from your home country it doesn’t scare away your card issuer. If that happens your credit card issuer will immediately block your card. For seamless travel, you need to inform your credit card issuer beforehand about your travel plans.
  • Use a card with a low foreign markup fee: Use a card that charges a low foreign markup fee on your international transaction. There is no way that you won’t use your credit card abroad for making purchases. So be wise enough to cut down your cost by using a card with zero or low foreign markup charges.
  • Use a travel credit card: You must have a travel credit card if you frequently travel as it helps you save a lot of money and lets you earn reward points on your travel expenses. Moreover, you get other travel benefits as well. Book your flights and hotels with your travel credit card.
  • Take more than one card: Carry more than one credit card with yourself while traveling. In doing so you protect yourself from using up one card’s credit limit. You can scatter your expenses on all your credit cards which will also help you in improving your credit score.
  • Carry some cash: No matter how many credit cards you carry with you while traveling. Carry some cash as well, there can be times when your credit cards are not being accepted at some places, then instead of running to the ATMs to withdraw cash, you can use your carried cash to make the payment. Also, withdrawing cash from ATMs attract processing fee as well.
  • Use your card to access airport lounges: This is your time to use your credit cards to your advantage. You get complimentary airport lounge access with travel credit cards. Avail of this facility and experience the leisure of the airport lounge while waiting for your flight.
  • Research your card’s travel policies: Before you travel, research your credit card’s travel policies. If your flight is canceled, lost your bag, documents, etc. they are reimbursed by your credit card issuer. Just check it before you leave so that you can travel without any worries.

Bottom Line:

To conclude, we hope that the above-mentioned tips will be fruitful for you and you can make the most out of your credit cards while traveling. If you have any queries do comment below, we would love to address them as soon as possible.

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