Everyone now prefers shopping online or making payments for anything be it utility bills or DTH services. Online payment channels and shopping benefits have given ease but it has also brought some drawbacks with them. Using your credit card online for making transactions exposes you to various frauds. Your credit card information is sensitive and storing it online can open you to fraudulent activities. In this article, we have shared some of the tips that you can follow to protect your credit card information online. Keep reading to kick start your research.

  • Use secure websites: While purchasing online you need to ensure that you are making the transaction on a secured and trusted website. To know whether the website is secured or not look for the “https”. In case the website address starts with only http, then avoid making the transaction as it is not a secured website.
  • Don’t share the OTP: While using your credit card online for the transaction, to verify it you will receive an OTP on your registered number. If you have not initiated the transaction then don’t share the OTP received on your number with anyone rather immediately report the same to the credit card issuer in order to protect yourself from the fraud.
  • Use only one card for online transactions: Avoid using all your credit cards for online transactions. Designate one card for online purchases so that you do not risk losing sensitive information to online frauds. Also, it will be easy to keep a track of your online transactions.
  • Don’t store your credit card information online: There is a greater risk of losing your credit card information if you store it on online websites or on shopping websites. It is easier for frauds to extract all the information from online websites these days. So avoid adding your credit card details on any online platform.
  • Use security software: Install security software on your laptops or computers so that it can detect the fraudulent website and save you from possible frauds.
  • Set transaction password: You can set a unique password or pin on your credit card for online transactions. So that while making the transactions online you are required to enter that password or pin. Without it, your transaction will not be processed. It acts as a double verification and keeps you safe from fraud.
  • Report stole/lost credit card: In case you have lost your credit card or it has got stolen then immediately report the same to the credit card issuer so that the credit card issuer can block it and no one can use it online. It protects you from fraudulent activities and unnecessary charges.

Bottom Line:

To conclude, we hope you are aware of some of the important aspects as well as dos and don’ts. Follow the above-mentioned tips while using your credit card online in order to make a safe and secure transaction and protect yourself from lending in unfavorable situations. Do share your tips on how you protect your credit card information while shopping online or making any transaction online in the comment section.

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